Feed Through Press

Machine ID: 007913

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Condition: As Taken From Service

Location: Southeast USA

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This system is ready to be removed from the current location.
Downstroke type, suitable for the pressing of veneers, HPL, etc.
onto parts made of chipboards and MDF boards.
Consisting of:
Item 1:
Loading Belt
White plastic fabric belt with polyurethane coating.  Drive by a reversible
geared motor.  Covering over the gap between the belt and the infeed 
of the press.  In addition the belt runs on supporting rollers.  One-piece
support of the belt.
Length of transport approx.: 4,000 mm
Width of transport approx.: 1,600 mm
Working height approx.: 950 mm
Feed coupled with the press loading equipment.
Markings on the conveyor belt for the cylinder rows and the maximum
useful width.
Total transport track liftable and lowerable with a guided introduction
of the sealing frame and the vacuum plate.
Mobile switch for acknowledgement and stop fitted to the top of the 
Technical Data:
Size of heating platens: 1,700 x 3,400 mm (67" x 134")
Useful area: 1,550 x 3,100 mm (61" x 122")
Loading side: 1,700 mm (67")
Total pressure: 5,800 kN (638 tons)
Flat Press:
Max. specific hydraulic pressure: 121 N/cm² (172 psi)
Daylight between platens/stroke: 150 mm (6")
Number of pistons: 10 x 160 mm (6 ¼") diameter
Hydraulic operating pressure: 288 bar (4095 psi)
2 steel heating platens
(heated by thermal oil): 2 x 115 mm (5 ½") thickness
Max. operating temperature on the
  surface of the heating platens: 150∞C (302∞F)
Working height approx.: 950 mm (35 ¾")
Weight of the press approx.: 47,000 kg (103,400 lbs)
Special Features:
Frame made of solid steel platens.  The frames are mounted on supporting
Heating Platens made of solid steel platens with a polished surface and drilled
heating channels.  Insulation between frame and heating platen.
Parallel Guiding of the top heating platen by compensating rods and a roller
guiding which is independent of temperature.
Hydraulic Cylinder made of steel with guide rings, lip seal packings and dust
scraper lip.
Pistons with a chromium-plated surface
Heating Medium thermal oil fed by hoses with stainless steel armouring 
provided for at the left-hand side
Safety device to avoid the overriding of boards by means of a linear potentiometer,
for the adjustment of the thickness of the boards.
Post-Suction Hydraulics with an oil container on the press and filling valves on the
cylinders.  The pressure is generated by a high pressure piston pump.  Manometer
to indicate the hydraulic operating pressure, provided for on the face of the press.
Automatic opening of the press.  Pump and control unit mounted together in 
between the frames.  The hydraulic pressure is controlled according to the 
pneumatic pressure.
2 Transverse rows of cylinders to be isolated by a push-button in the control desk.
Protective grates at the longitudinal sides which can be pushed upwards.
Loading Station with circulation, temperature-resistant synthetic conveyor belts.  Smooth
starting and smooth slowing down.  Covering over the returning belt.  Drive by means of a
reversible geared motor coupled with the loading belt.  Guide rollers galvanized.
Shaking Device for the protective belt at the top heating platen to detach boards which
might adhere to the same.
Cleaning Device for the circulating conveyor belts by means of suction nozzles at the
infeed of the press.
Item 3:
Outfeed Roller Track
To take-over the finished boards.  Dwell time on the rollers serves
as cooling time.
Item 4:
Thermal Oil Heater and Secondary Control Circuits
Provided by user
Item 5:
Switch Cabinet
with microprocessor based programmable control (PLC make Schleicher, 
Promodul U).  Cables placed on the floor (approx. 5 meter long).

Manufacturer Burkle
Model Feed Through Press
Machine Location Southeast USA