Precision 48" Chip Pack

Sawmill/Pallet > Chippers/Grinders > Chipper

IME Shaving Mill 4' Shaving Mill

Sawmill/Pallet > Shaving Equipment

Stenner 6 Foot Linebar Resaw

Woodworking > Saw > Resaw/Vert

Cosmec Conquest 515

Woodworking > CNC Router

Vermeer TG400A Tub Grinder

Forestry > Grndr-Tub

Biesse Rover B 7.40 FTK

Woodworking > CNC Router

Northwood Twin Table CNC

Woodworking > Woodworking > CNC Router > CNC Router

New lowered asking price!!!

Cambio 26" Debarker

Sawmill/Pallet > Sawmill/Pallet > Sawmill > Sawmill > Debarker > Debarker

WSM 1662HT

Sawmill/Pallet > Chippers/Grinders

Unique 412 Shape and Sand

Woodworking > Woodworking > Shaper > Shaper

Rethceif Packaging HC2020 Compression Bagger

Sawmill/Pallet > Shaving Equipment

Heeseman MFA 6

Woodworking > Sander > Wide Belt

Heavy duty sander!

Newman KM 16

Sawmill/Pallet > Sawmill > Trim Saw

Complete Operation Pellet & Shaving Mill

Sawmill/Pallet > Shaving Equipment

S & W Sawmill, Edger & Grade Resaw

Sawmill/Pallet > Sawmill > Band Saw


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New Arrivals

Complete Operation Pellet Mill

Smart Band Saw Dismantler

Unique 250 MC

Weinig Powermat 1000

Wood for Sale Monkey Pod

Wood for Sale Mahogany

Cosmec Conquest 515

ASM 4 HB Carriage

Heavy duty carriage!

PSI 5-Saw Log Bucking Line

Peerless Chip Bins

ASM Band Headrig w/ Chip Head

ASM Chipping Canter

Ukiah 3-Saw Edger

BM&M Screening 8 x 20 Screen

WSM 1662HT

Danckaert 16" Jointer

Heavy duty jointer!

SCMI 600 SC Resaw

Cemco 1000 Series 43" Sander

JLT 79K-10

Powermatic Edge Sander