Holzma Optimat HPP 250

Woodworking > Panel Saw > Beam

Used every day!

Complete Operation Scragg Sawmill & Cutstock Line

Sawmill/Pallet > Sawmill > Scragg

Kentwood R450X 3M

Woodworking > Woodworking > Rip Saw > Rip Saw > Gang Rip Saw > Gang Rip Saw

Three moveable blades!

SCMI Routech Record 142

Woodworking > CNC Router

Timesavers 52" Planer Sander

Woodworking > Sander

Heavy duty planer sander!

Newman KM 16

Sawmill/Pallet > Sawmill > Trim Saw

Hard to find trim saw!

Wood-Mizer M 485SP

Woodworking > Moulders

Northwood 5x8 CNC Router

Woodworking > CNC Router

Heavy duty CNC!

Doucet RS-75 Panel Rip Saw

Woodworking > Panel Saw > Rip

Wood-Mizer 3500 Sawmill

Sawmill/Pallet > Sawmill

Bold Designs Pallet Kiln

Sawmill/Pallet > Sawmill > Kiln

Dry lumber or Heat Treat Pallets!

Brandt KDN 530C

Woodworking > Edgebander

Topmaster N-3000 Automatic T Moulding

Woodworking > Moulders

Optimil Complete Sawmill

Sawmill/Pallet > Sawmill > Industrial


New Machines that are ready to load... Call CMS today for more info!


New Arrivals

Sanborn Min-Max

Nice, clean mill!

Corley Tong Dog

Corley Carriage

Verville VP-300

Brandt Ambition 1210

Nice bander with Premill!

Shaw Almex Membrane Press

Twin table membrane press!

Schelling America FM-430

Ready to load!

Dixie Air 201-RH

Pneumafil Model 13.5-460-8

CanCar V6 Chip-N-Saw

Holz-her Arcus 1334

Premilland Corner Round!

Ritter R-46

SCMI Mini Max ME 35

Peterson Pacific 4800

Biesse Polymac Lato 38

Biesse Polymac Lato-38

Amitec VT-25-I

Marunaka RD-8

Logosol PH260

Selco WNA 650 Angular Panel Saw

Rare Late Model Angular System

Prentice 120