M-5300 Gangsaw

Machine ID: 006856

Year Mfr: 1988

Condition: "As Is, Where Is"

Location: West Virginia

Voltage: 260/480V, 60Hz, 3Ph

Contact: Matt Joyner
704-288-1904 Ext: 111
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The seller has confirmed that this Pendu gang saw is in fair/good running condition and this is ready to load!

  • Direct drive gangsaw arbors (No electric motors for the arbors)
  • Cutoff saw 
    • 20HP
    • 33.2 Amps
  • Sizer
    • 30HP
    • 33.2 Amps
  • Cutoff saw and sizer are only electric motor run components 
  • Greenchain
    • Hydraulic
  • Stacker
    • Hydraulic
  • Top and bottom arbors - Belt driven from the diesel powerplant
  • Footprints -
    • Cab: 6x6
    • Large greenchain: 11-1/2' L and 10"W
    • Small greenchain: 5'L and 10'W
    • Cutoff infeed: 17'
    • Cutoff outfeed: 10'
    • Gangsaw: 11-1/2'
    • Gangsaw outfeed: 9'
    • Stacker: 13'L and 3'W
  • Total length of green chain is 16-1/2'
  • Total length of gangsaw line is 40"
  • You will need a space at least 40'L x 17'W
This is a Pendu gang rip line and all the equipment is Pendu except for the Brewer stacker that is included.  All the powered rolls necessary to run this line are included as well as a belt outfeed from the gangsaw to the stacker.
  • Rockford power take off, powered by a KHD Deutz diesel engine (204HP)
  • Material up to 12" in width and 6" in height
  • Stacker stacks lumber itself but someone will need to be there to make sure nothing gets jammed up
  • Cut off saw run by someone from a control panel in a cab (can pull out of cab if you want to)
  • No unscrambler just the Greenchain
  • For cutting runners like 1-3/8", you can use 12" blades on the bottom arbor only which are .125 thick and for cutting boards like 1/2" or 5/8" you would use 10" blades on the top and bottom arbors which would be .088 thick
  • The width of the blade depends on what you want to cut
  • This is not a thin kerf machine, but is a high production machine
  • Cuts great runners as well


Manufacturer Pendu
Model M-5300 Gangsaw
Year 1988
Voltage 260/480V, 60Hz, 3Ph
Machine Location West Virginia