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  CMS has a customer looking to buy:

  • Firewood Processor wanted in Ohio, PA, VA area
  • Portable Dismantler needed in Southwest Area
  • Used Rosser Head Debarker, customer in is Missouri
  • Looking for 2 scissor lifts with 4x8 flat table 6k capacity
  • Tigerstop w/Tucker & Verlenden Saw, customer is in NY
  Contact Debora Dombo at 704-288-1904 ext: 102

  • Baker (or similar) single/double head gas powered Resaw
  • SCM (SCMI) T110 shaper w/ 1 1/2 in spindle
  • Altendorf F45 or similar Altendorf
  • Ritter Face frame assembly table
  • Logosol PH260
  • Nyle Systems dry kiln
  • Woodmizer LT50 (poss LT40 or LT70 if nice and diesel)
  • WoodMizer LT40 HD & Edger....good condition
  • Smart dismantler (trailer tire) w/ large table
  • Viking Champion 504 pallet machine
  • Newman KM16 w/ (5 or 6 heads and 480V) Does NOT have to be HD
  • Griggio Louver Groover
  • Baker A or similar Morgan resaw
  • Weinig w/ jointing capability 550V and 40mm heads
  • Baker/Miner/Marathon basic 2 blade edger with powerfeed (3" to 4")
  • Monco TB-60 laminator
  • Striebig Optisaw 1 or 2 or the Evolution or Control
  • Baker/Morgan single/double head notcher (gas/diesel) w/ Return
  • Woodmizer LT40 (gas or electric) w/ debarker
  • Woodmizer LT40 & Edger
  • Portable Scragg mill (ready to go w/ no need for work and diesel)
  • Pistorius DCH-16 double mitre saw
  • Altendorf F-45 Elmo (in or very near Minnesota)
  • Double head stringer notcher w/ 9" min. notch
  • Morgan Resaw w/ return
  • Single head resaw (w/ 8" width cut)
  • Intorex TMC 1500
  • Bandsaw dismantler (single phase)
  Contact Matt Joyner at 704-288-1904 ext: 111

  • Tigerstop with Chop Saw
  • Grinders - Weima, Cresswood, Vecoplan, Challenger - We are out!
  • Newman KM16 Trim Saws - Any condition!
  • High Output Shaving Mill - Blue Diamond, Douglas, Kimber...
  • Trim Saw for Pallet Material
  • 24"-37" Sander - Needs to be in the Southeast - Old is OK!
  • Weinig Powermat 1000
  • Used Reciprocating Sprayer - Cefla of Superfici
  • Wagner Gang Saw w/ Planer
  • Circle Mill with 4 HB Carriage and Vertical Edger
  Contact Ralph Viegelmann at 704-288-1904 ext: 101