Rover 27 CNC

Machine ID: 007322

Year Mfr: 2000

Condition: Good Condition

Location: West Coast

Voltage: 440V, 60Hz, 3Ph

Contact: Ralph Viegelmann
704-288-1904 Ext: 101
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This machine was taken from service in good working condition and is ready to load.
Includes: 4th C-Axis and Circular saw
Axes travel
X axis – 3432 mm (135.11”)
Y axis – 1300 mm (51.18”)
Z axis – 989.5 mm (38.95”)
Depth (Z-Axis) 10.8"
Safety Mats and Rope. As well as Sound absorbing Cover
Yashkawa AC Brushless Servos (Digital drive full speed in 270 Milliseconds)
8 Panel Supports
2 Fixed Side Stops
8 back stops with Pneumatic Lowering
Additional Work Station with 8 stops and Pneumatic Lowering
4 Side stops with pneumatic Hold down
4 Center stops with pneumatic Hold down
8 Bar supports for Heavy or Large Panels
Pod and Rail Panel Lock System.
20 Vertical Spindle Boring head. 10 = x and 10 = y
4 Horizontal Spindles  3 = X and 1=Y
2.3 hp Spindles
Automatic Centralized Lubricating System
(8) Pneumatic Locking Support Rails
LED Digital Display on Support Rails
ATS Style Vacuum Pods

Pentium Processor; 2.1gb Hard Disk; 32mb Ram; 1.44mb Floppy Drive
12” Display
Axis Override
Rs-232 Serial Interface
Circular Interpolation on 2 axes
Linear Interpolation 4 axes
Normal, Mirror and Translation Functions
Active Safety Routines
Software Editor Module (1master Pros + 1 Slave Pros)

Manufacturer Biesse
Model Rover 27 CNC
Year 2000
Voltage 440V, 60Hz, 3Ph
Machine Location West Coast