Tecnomax ME20

Machine ID: 007307

Year Mfr: 2010

Condition: Good Condition

Location: South Carolina

Contact: Debora Dombo
704-288-1904 Ext: 102
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The seller has confirmed that this SCMI ME20 Tecnomax is in good working/running condition. 

  • Includes tools and glue and maintenance records
  • Can install up to 5mm edging
  • Has the $1,000 upgrade auto round over kit for commercial cabinets
  • Fast set up: Glue heats rapidly and evenly by the resistances located in both the glue pot and inside the glue spreader roller
  • (2) rollers press the edge evenly and efficiently onto the panel
  • The pressing unit position is comfortably adjustable from the machine front side
  • Precise cut on the leading and trailing edges of the panel assured by the pneumatic end cutting unit
  • Edge trimming and top finishing with the trimming unit operating at a cutting speed of 12,000RPM
  • Total control of all machine's functions quickly
  • With the PLC it is possible to easily and comfortably exclude the shear and the end cutting unit to allow alos edge banding with wooden strips of the maximum thickness of 5mm
  • Aluminum glue pot with (5) glue heating elements to ensure a uniform glue temp in the glue pot
  • Micrometrick glue adjustment (with knob) on the spreading roller
  • Self adjustment of glue spreading roller projection according to panel and the edge thickness being glued
  • Top and bottom trimming unit for the trimming of the top and bottom exceeding edge equipped with chromium plated copying pads to improve the panel sliding
  • Numerical readouts for cutters adjustment on the trimming unit
  • Coil holder plate: 730mm diameter
  • Panel movement system by means of top powered feeder
  • Panel thickness adjustment by means of handwheel with numerical readout
  • Auto setup of feeder and trimming unit to the selected height
  • Centralized exhaust system is 120mm diameter
  • Filter system for long chips
  • Anodized aluminum outfeed fence
  • Technical data
    • Thick of rolled edges - 0.4 - 2mm
    • Max thick of edges in strips - 5mm
    • Min - max panel height - 12 - 50
    • Min Panel length/width - 180/65mm
    • Panel feed speed - 6m/min

Manufacturer SCMI
Model Tecnomax ME20
Year 2010
Machine Location South Carolina